Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My husband is one of the rare and precious gifts that God has given me in this life. While not perfect, he is an exceptional companion, husband, servant, and friend.

I became his wife at the tender age of 17. We were both very different people back then.

We have been through a lot together in fourteen years.

He knows me better than anyone in this world. He is the safe place that I run to in all of life's situations. He deals with all of my quirks without making me feel ashamed of who I am. He never yells at me or demeans me, ever.

He does dishes. And laundry. And changes diapers. He has never once complained about helping around the house. He loves our children and tells them so. He is a great dad.

And most important, he loves God.

In recent days I went through an unexplainable funk that I could not climb out of. Life is just hard sometimes, and when it is I tend to feel sorry for myself and forget about how truly blessed I am. Sad, but true. He knew it without me saying a word. It bothered him. He hates to see me down.

As we went to bed, he asked me to snuggle up close. He held me tight and sang to me, something that he used to do often when we were first married. Love songs. But he didn't stop there. He got out his iPod and picked out a dozen more songs that expressed his love for me. He knew that I needed to know how much I am loved.

You see, I struggle greatly with believing that I am loved. Our enemy has used my feelings of insecurity and inadequacy for as long as I can remember to make me feel unworthy, inferior, and unloveable.

And that's why Aron is such a gift.

He has shown me the love of Jesus. He loves me with an unending, unconditional love that I don't deserve. He is crazy about me. No, really. Crazy. About. Me. He shows me in a hundred different ways every day.

I don't understand it, but I'm finally starting to believe it.

Today I am taking the time to thank God for my husband. I don't nearly often enough. God is the one who brought us together, and He is the one who has changed our character and our hearts over these years. It is only by His grace that our relationship has survived and now thrives the way it does. He is faithful, and He loves me.

If I need a reminder, all I have to do is look at my husband.

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